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This adds warmth and passion to the cool detachment of the Aquarian Sun. (Not always the case for people with this Sun sign!) Hence, In addition, the Venus in Capricorn is good or bad? When Pluto, the planet of transformation and rebirth, comes into conjunction with Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and relationships, there can be a strong attraction that borders on obsession. Spendthrift tendencies must be countered. His partner should, in theory, already have her plans all set out for her, and to already have made big steps towards their accomplishment. Professionally, he's a monster, and personally, he takes care of himself as best as possible. Sagittarians are the hunters of the zodiac, so when Venus joins the Sun in this sign much attention is given to the emotional chase. If you were born while the Sun was in the sign of Pisces then this is your natal Sun sign. He will never commit without being sure that its all worth it, and this means that he will do it wholeheartedly, with all his mind and soul, and without hesitation. March signifies massive celestial turning points, as we enter a new astrological year, and the outer planets push us into a . Meanwhile, Virgo marks the transition from summer to fall, from a time of abundance to a time of worrying about having enough to get through the winter. Her emotional displays can be intimidating to people who are not accustomed to her. They desire to find a pisces are both signs together. Financial and emotional security is of vital importance. This is a delightful combination, giving a gentle but nonetheless deep and meaningful expression of feelings. Guarded and controlled, this Saturn-ruled sign knows all about taking responsibility for her commitments. In this placing an extrovert exuberance is added to the Cancerian expression and emotional needs. A practical approach both to love and financial matters is often present, and the placing will add to the creative flair of Pisces, helping to give it concrete form. They will make money and spend it . Therefore, you can make the right choices in your life. Venus Capricorn With Venus in Libra This is a tense cardinal square, but both are signs that stand back and look at the bigger picture. So Capricorn shows their love through responsible and logical romantic gestures. Who is Venus in Capricorn compatible with? There are usually good powers of communication within relationships, and aiming to use these positively will be rewarding. This sign also rules the seas and you may prefer to plunge "below the surface" to get your erotic fix. Venus, the brightest planet in our sky, is named after the Roman goddess of beauty and love. Both thrive in a union and can have impersonal determination to succeed. They love women who are jovial and take it easy kind. She has the sensitivity of a Pisces, but in a Capricorn world. On the whole, Librans should gain much from this placing of the planet that rules their Sun sign. Climbing the corporate ladder is the most important thing to them. Thinking of having a great life means you can look for a better chance. They are thus producing a finished product without any loose ends or rough edges. Venus in Capricorn, Mars in Pisces Your Venus is in an Earth sign and your Mars is in a Water sign. He always wanted to build his potential little by little, to first have a good situation, and then focus on finding a partner. Venus adds coolness to Capricorn's personality. I have two really good Aquarius Sun buddies, One of them is a Cancer Moon and the other one is a Capricorn Moon, I've never seen the Aquarius Sun with a Cancer Moon in a relationship with a Virgo before, He usually goes for either, Aquarius, Cancer, Capricorn, Gemini, Libra, Pisces, Sagittarius or Taurus Looking at the characteristics of the sign of Pisces reveals additional possibilities. Venus in Pisces will therefore find the containment of Venus in Capricorn calming. They are more careful in love because they feel there is more at stake than courtship and sex. For those who can't tell my sun, Mercury, and venus is in my 12th house all in capricorn. Of course, you have the parameters on where to check your progress. Extravagance and a clever financial flair are usually complementary. A good reputation in relationships will act positively. My ex husband was a cancer and don't even get me started there. Venus in Pisces Dates: February 25 to March 21. Her partner can rest assured that Moon in Capricorn will treat her relationship with the utmost respect, although he may find her to be defensive or cold on occasion. The blending of earth (Capricorn) and water (Pisces) is excellent, since Venus will help steady the gush of Piscean emotion. While the Venus in Pisces woman loves to be swept off her feet, there is also a side of her that can be drawn to people or animals who seem to need help. These people will make grand romantic gestures, but only when they feel there is a solid . Yet from our point of view on earth, Venus is the first planet on the inside of our orbit going towards the sun. Business - and moneymaking abilities are excellent. Much will depend on how the Scorpio Sun is aspected, and on the Moon, Ascendant and Mars signs. As a Pisces Sun there is a tendency for you to get into the helping professions such as mental health, end of life care, or energy healing. Trying to attract a Venus in Capricorn lover is like applying for a job a large corporation. Leo bossiness and Virgoan critical tendencies can cause problems, so must be consciously recognized and controlled. Venus in Capricorn is a placement that lends itself well to . There are also many people with Venus in Aries or Aquarius who have the Sun in Pisces. Pisces gentle faith can dissolve some of Capricorns mistrust, and Capricorn can teach Pisces a thing or two about boundaries. Venus in Taurus works to live rather than living to work as Venus in Capricorn does. They have a highly romantic nature. They are all about long-term commitments. In matters of love and romance, the Pisces sun Capricorn moon person is most compatible with water signs and earth signs. When someone tries to lie to him, he knows it and doesn't take it very well. Nadia Gilchrist offers over 19 years of experience in astrology. i'm an aries dominant too after taurus-scorpio. Pluto Conjunct Venus Synastry is a powerful and intense aspect in relationship astrology. sounds like me but nobody ever pegs me as a taurus. The planet Venus is an important thing to look at in an astrological chart for assessing relationship compatibility. Venus in Pisces and Venus in Libra have a sense of idealism in common, though the emotional excesses of Venus in Pisces might overwhelm Venus in Libra. The better the positioning sign-wise, the better the . This is an understanding and sympathetic friend. . This placing helps to rationalize the feelings, however, and the need for intellectual rapport and good friendship, as well as pure romance, is very healthy. Also, express your desire for a stronger commitment if youre still dating. Social climbing is less pronounced, and time will be spent enjoying relationships and children, rather than worrying about material matters. The subject is thoughtful and fairly constant (more so than other members of this Sun sign), but there can be conflict between the Sagittarian need for freedom of expression within a relationship and the Capricorn urge to do the right thing. She feels everything and everyone around her, and to protect herself she keeps her cool and takes herself out of the situations causing pain and discomfort. Here, the fiery Arian passion is quenched by the cool detachment of Venus, but the Arian need for independence will be complementary. While Venus in Pisces is emotionally intense, this comes from an admirable ideal of loving without limits. While Venus in Cancer can become insular, narrowly focused on their own needs and those of their close family, a Venus in Pisces partner could encourage Venus in Cancer to broaden their outlook and extend compassion to a broader circle. Water and earth signs tend to be interested in security and in maintaining the structure that exists. Venus in Pisces has a tendency to drown in the depths of the whole worlds suffering, but Venus in Capricorn could help Venus in Pisces come up with some sort of practical plan to address the whole worlds suffering. All the traits described for Venus in Aquarius apply. If we spent one night. Reluctance to part with money is a common characteristic. What we have now is a transit stellium with the transit (moving) planets currently in Pisces. A man with Venus in Pisces is the romantic type. The emotional level must be assessed in relation to other areas of the chart, especially the Ascendant and the Moon sign and their aspects. As in the theory underlying Chinese medicine, theres Yang within the Yin. Sun in Pisces' dreaminess will rub Moon in Capricorn the wrong way. Naturally cooperative, they tend to be very receptive and considerate of other's needs. All the attributes of Venus in Sagittarius will be present. Money is often made from sidelines as well as a main source, and investment will be enjoyed. These men may come across as cold or aloof at first, but they are actually loyal and devoted partners when they open up. Who is Venus in Sagittarius compatible with? Capricorn and Taurus are the earth signs closest to water sign Pisces. Jupiter represents Pisces need for mind expansion and spiritual seeking. Maya Angelou, Special collections, maybe of silver, are good investments.". The lively, fiery passion of Sagittarius is increased, with the need for independence clashing somewhat with the Scorpionic intensity of feeling. Your email address will not be published. The Astrology of Sex, Love and Relationships. Alertness and quick thinking in business will be an advantage. Vulnerabilities and affection were probably not priorities. Arian selfishness and a quick response to tricky situations will be seen when the individual is challenged. He wants a partner who can incentivize him to try even harder, to achieve even higher goals, to make him wish for more. Venus in Pisces' second-best compatibility matches are natives who have Venus in Cancer and Venus in Scorpio. So, you have the energy to determine the best way forward and achieve your goals of a good home. The characteristics of Venus in Capricorn (see left) will be very evident. However, your intuition will not let you sit by. On February 25 at 5:11 a.m. Pacific Time, Venusthe planet of romance, glamour, finances, art, and pleasurefinishes her transit through rebellious and detached Aquarius to enter the mutable, water sign of Pisces. The signs that have not been covered yet are Aries, Leo, Libra, and Aquarius. Arian financial enterprise is increased here, sometimes giving the ability to sell well. Venus has the most significant effect on Capricorns relationships, romantic and friendly. Of course, if hes too immature and nave, and stumbles upon a toxic relationship, he will try to escape this predicament, so watch out for his lies. Denise is an experienced practitioner of astrology, interested to discover and share with everyone how astrology can inspire and change lives. This individual will have dynamic and magnetic powers of attraction, but may be very difficult to know really well. Your Pisces Ascendant (or Rising Sign) reveals the ways in which you present yourself to others, as well as the ways in which you immediately respond to the world around you. Views will be freely and even sharply expressed but Cancerian faithfulness will still be evident. This powerful but tricky combination can make one obsessive about sex. A great deal of money must be earned, so that it can be spent! She must be ambitious, intellectually and emotionally mature enough to realize how flimsy some things are, to have plenty of knowledge, and independent enough not to rely completely on him. He is really sensitive but sometimes, however he becomes such a materialist and pragmatist. Emotion is heightened, with the subject aiming for a fulfilling and rewarding relationship. Here is a kind friend who will offer plenty of sensible suggestions when called upon to help. Clip From Let's Chart About Your Chart Episode 2What happens when you have Saturn in Gemini, Mars in Pisces, & a Sun/Venus conjunction in the 9th house? 1March 2023. A partner with a strong grasp of practical routines would also be helpful to balance out his creative wanderings. Seriously. The Venus in Pisces career can be the important thing to look at when working towards development. If you are interested in getting a psychic reading, then as a VekkeSind reader, you can get 5 minutes free. Independence is necessary, but love and admiration are also needed. There is a good blend of well-expressed emotion and a rational approach to joint problems. Financial affairs are approached in a practical way. This links the deep intensity and passion of Scorpio with the cool calculation of Capricorn. Money can be handled badly. Likes: Typically people with this placement tend towards a love of the occult, science, and metaphysics. Nevertheless, this is a caring and warm- hearted friend. Aries and Leo are fire signs, and Libra and Aquarius are air signs. Pisces is co-ruled by the planets Jupiter and Neptune. His love style is not emotional. Venus in Pisces people enjoy romantic dates. However, once a bond has been formed, the Pisces sun Capricorn moon man or woman is likely to be a very faithful and steadfast companion. How which planet became exalted in which sign is less clear. Venus is in rx. Most importantly, the perfect lover will already be on her way to achieve her plans. The Venus in Pisces man always loves women who are so special and purposeful. It should be a telltale sign. Conversely, there may be a clinical attitude, or a feeling that sex is dirty and undesirable. But its good to have a good understanding of people. A Venus in Capricorn in the natal chart will give you a strong sense of duty and dedication to the people and projects in your life. As Venus rules Libra, there will be a powerful element of Virgo present. Capricorn Sun - Leo Venus. The Cancerian tendency to worry will be directed toward the partner, and they may find it a little difficult to express feelings as freely as is desired. Both signs desire a partner who can elevate their status, support their goals, and push them to succeed in . Working outward from there, the next two signs on either side of Cancer and Leo, Gemini and Virgo, are ruled by Mercury. Pisces is the most psychically sensitive sign of the Zodiac. A person with both the Sun and Venus in Pisces may not be the world's most grounded or practical person. Sacrifices may be made to your considerable detriment. Here is a good friend, but one who may become suspicious. They are always day dreaming, imagining, worrying. At your best, the individual is romantic with a love of good living, and will give much to a partner both through warm-hearted affection and sex. So, you have the chance to be keen on your future. Hes a very hard-working individual who sets his own pace and never strays too far from it. This knowledge dates back to the early days of astrology. Additionally, the Venus in Capricorns husband is key to knowing a great source of ideas. Have a question about relationships or money or health? At its best, this placing makes for an energetic friend and thoughtful partner. Therefore, the Venus in Capricorn woman will assist you in making a good life. People who have the Sun in earth signs like Taurus or Capricorn are often very practical and capable of making things happen in the physical world. A Venus in Pisces woman may be intensely sentimental. In a man's chart, the placement of Venus determines the type of woman he is attracted to. No matter what happens in the world, industries like education, healthcare, food, and banking arent going anywhere. I can't understand. The need for possessions as material security will be tempered. This calms the passion of Sagittarius, and the love life is taken seriously. If shes in maximum shutdown mode, shell feel threatened by his lack of respect for routine. Once they see it, they can build it. This may be an excuse to delay commitment and the full expression of emotion which can be difficult. However, when a planet is exalted in a sign, like Venus is exalted in Pisces, people tend to put the best construction on what it does there. Scorpio jealousy can clash with the Sagittarian independence, and a resolution of this conflict is important. The world can be hard on sensitive guys, though, so some Venus in Pisces men tend to repress this side of themselves. There is usually no lack of sexual enthusiasm. Professional financial advice is recommended unless business ability is shown elsewhere. But his extreme sensitivity means that his lover will have to be vigilant about not stepping over his boundaries. Thinking of having a great life means you can look for a better chance. Flair for investment is common, but the modest needs of Virgo will clash with Leonine extravagance. You tend to delay things by passing up opportunities. The Pisces man is attracted to women who are having a good human being value with all good features. Pisces is associated with the water element giving your personality an otherworldliness quality. While Capricorn doesnt take much leisure time, they purchase symbols of their status. Sun-Venus Sun in Pisces and Venus in Aries You are compassionate and romantic. Therefore, you can make the right choices in your life. i have scorpio rising conj pluto in scorpio both at 0 degrees. If you deviated as a child, you were made to feel guilty or bad. They would at least enjoy each others company enough to be able to sort out the problems that did arise, though. For Venus in Aries, the cause of the awkwardness is a short attention span, so Venus in Aries would at least flit away from an uncomfortable situation quickly. Michael Jordan is another Venus in Capricorn male, and Miley Cyrus is a Venus in Capricorn woman. Look for logic in other areas of the chart - the position of Mercury, perhaps. A man with his Venus in Pisces is enchanting and possesses charm. Similarly, the fire or air sign worker in the healthcare industry might gravitate toward experimental therapies. He has his principles and respects a certain code of conduct in every social event, and he keeps a respectable distance with all his friends. This is a lively friend with many varied interests, wanting to do a great deal and travel widely. Posts: 474From: ON CanadaRegistered: Apr 2009, Copyright 2000-2016 They can be a lively, talkative, albeit indecisive, friend. Hes looking for a lover who understands and is keen on having a good conversation with him, someone who is tolerant, open-minded, and straightforward. Nadia blogs regularly at Ruby Slipper Astrology. Infidelity and trying to get the best of both worlds is common, often hurting the permanent partner. If youve got grand plans, you would better share them with him, as this will probably get him very interested in you. Great kindness and charity often result in personal sacrifices. Sun-Venus Sun in Capricorn and Venus in Scorpio You are a combination of old fashioned even anachronistic dependability and enigma. Financial risks will be taken, with mixed results. Pisces Sun Capricorn Moon Compatibility. Venus in Pisces, always wanting to be kind, might get triggered by the bluntness of Venus in Sagittarius but might also sense the underlying good intentions. As one of the most naturally spiritual signs in the zodiac you give yourself a lot of room to experience life from this broad perspective. Typically someone born under this Sun sign is deeply sensitive and naturally psychic as they are tuned into the unseen dimensions. The three water signs, all of which focus on the emotional world, are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. The chart in The Book of World Horoscopes for the end of Communism, 24th August 1991, has the Sun at 1 Virgo. She is the Editor in Chief at The Horoscope. If Venus was in Pisces on the day you were born, you value compassion, and you love with emotional and perhaps even spiritual intensity. As Pisces explores the imaginative potentials of life, Capricorn will feel dismissive or even threatened by his boundaryless approach. Pisces compatibility with each zodiac sign. It will also ease the harsher, more critical side of Virgo. Its not that he isnt used to or that hes cautious, its that it would be very difficult and go against his nature to do it. Leonine generosity is increased, and there will be a tendency to put the loved one on a pedestal, increasing the possibility of hurt should the partner fail to measure up to the exacting standards required. If youve already been together for a long time, dont forget to show your appreciation for all you have continuously. The pleasures of the good life will be important and enjoyed, and creative flair may be shown in design or music. There are two ways that a planet can be especially comfortable in a sign. Money will be spent erratically, often on silly, trendy things. He looks for soulmates rather than just partners or flings. Venus in Pisces therefore has an optimism that matches Venus in Geminis abundant outlook. 3. The character of a man with the Sun in Pisces and the ascendant in Capricorn seems somewhat convulsive to those around him. The imagination will be rich, but worry over the loved one's reactions can be inhibiting, especially in young people. Its easy to slip into a comfortable pattern, which is what Capricorn wants. This is a kind, if somewhat critical, friend. There is a wide circle of friends, who often share philanthropic or intellectual interests. He likes a woman who shows special care for him in any situation. A compromise must be reached, hopefully with the help of a sympathetic partner. This placing can also glamorize the usually very casual Sagittarian image. However, Venus in Pisces will be a much more effective champion for whatever their cause is after Venus in Taurus has taken care of them a bit. In this sense, it represents the feminine side of one's personality, the way passions are lived, and also what one seeks in the loving sense. If a practical approach to love can be achieved there should be no conflict, but the coolness of Venus must be recognized as a positive factor, helping to channel and give an element of caution and common sense in this sphere of life. The best thing about this native is that you never have to worry about him hiding things from you. If he has his Sun in Scorpio or Pisces, he's capable of providing emotional support but with Venus in Capricorn, he does not enjoy it as part of his love life. This heightens the level of Geminian emotion and, provided one doesnt over- rationalize the feelings, these will be marvelously and romantically expressed, showing kindness and a cherishing quality. Meanwhile, Venus in Pisces could help Venus in Capricorn get perspective that there are bigger things in life than their own personal ambitions for earthly success. The weight should be strictly controlled by restricting the intake of rich food. Each Zodiac sign is also ruled by at least one planet or luminary. The next two after that, Taurus and Libra, are ruled by Venus, and the process continues from there. Aries and Aquarius are the signs on either side of Pisces. While it can be hard to fulfill such big dreams in reality, they are usually so earnest about it that others can actually respect them in a way. Would two Venus in Pisces people together be Heaven on Earth? That means people who have Venus in Pisces can have the Sun in only the following signs: Aries, Taurus, Capricorn, Aquarius, or Pisces. Capricorn Sun - Cancer Venus. However, Venus in Pisces and Venus in Leo share a sense of romanticism. A Venus in Capricorn man is ambitious and perseverant, and that is the basic essence of his character. Aries - The best and worst characteristics of the head of the zodiac Aquarius - The traits you need to know for the air sign Capricorn - What does this star sign mean for your personality? Posts: 2232From: The East CoastRegistered: Mar 2011, ------------------"Just like moons and like suns,With the certainty of tides,Just like hopes springing high,Still I'll rise." The household chores or hobbies can be used as an excuse for failing to enjoy the intimacies of a relationship. They might get so caught up in their ideals surrounding Heaven or whatever else that they would have a lot of difficulty coping with practical matters here on Earth. You will achieve what you propose, especially with sustained effort. Venus represents love, creativity, allure, relationships, money, and finance. To show your affection for your Capricorn lover, all you need to do is appreciate the stable environment they have created. So, it has the inner force that can help you. This can include the domestic stay-at-home parent, but it can also include the sort of person who looks for a job that is stable and guaranteed.