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[Completed, 6 chapters, 96,000 words, rated teen, Jon/Sansa pairing], Arya Stark is the favored servant of the Many-Faced God. Eddard Stark swore that he'd never allow his family to be destroyed again. Now, everyone wants something different out of their fanfic, so Ive tried to include a variety of Game of Thrones fan fiction styles and genres. Thank you, Ash. The night is dark and full of angsty Jon/Dany fic. A different lady for Winterfell leads to a different fate for the realm. Work Search: When it stopswhen he pulls backits sharper than ice. Upon landing in Westeros, Daenerys makes a pact with the King in the North, with interesting results. Myrcella dies after being hit with an arrow. Writer cbstevp created an entire trilogy of fanfiction based on Ned Stark surviving the events of the first book. [Completed, 42 chapters, 680,000 words, rated mature], Tywin Lannister discovers the true identity of his cup bearer at Harrenhal. Stannis is actually the first to point this out: it's mainly the Tyrells (especially Loras, angry over Renly's death) who refuse to cooperate. keeping to his side of the peace accord he signed with the Starks. Right when Jon is at the brink of death at the hands of the Others, Lyanna Stark, Rhaegar Targaryen, and Azor Ahai come to Jon in a vision to help Jon realize that he is fire itself, giving Jon the ability to conjure huge bursts of flame for a short period of time to kill the Others surrounding him. Martins Game of Thrones, based on the books, asking what would happen if Ned Stark had lived. In a thousand versions of this world, that phrase truly means very little beyond privilege and who you happened to be born to. Robb and Val end up becoming this for each other, replacing Jon and Roslin. The Starks were the Kings of Winter, they bore the Direwolf as their symbol for it was the Direwolves they shared blood with. Jon has her in his arms, his body pouring into hers, his lips on her lips, his love a vast fireand Dany, the Unburnt. , . He smiles. Which ends up happening, with Jaime fighting Oberyn Martell. She lets him burn her alive, delighting in the heat of his palms, the burn of his beard against her skin. With King Aerys growing more unhinged as each day passes, the Dragon Prince must secure his line in order to overthrow the Mad King. Is that all right? she asks softly. Just over two years ago I asked myself those questions, and with the encouragement of some wonderful people I started this story. This was their war. She survives, destroys the horn, and restores the dragons to their normal selves. it's a Ned Stark SI fanfic that starts roughly about a year before he is sent to foster in the Vale alongside Robert Baratheon with Jon . It is said that magic died with the last of the dragons. She had been thinking of Lyanna for a daughter, but it didnt fit. "Eddard Stark, my apologies for keeping you from sleep. Fortunately, Ned is sympathetic towards their relationship and hopes that Stevron Frey (Walder Frey's heir) might be more willing to annul the marriage pact. "We have all been too focused on the eldest brother, Brandon Stark. tip: "uchiha sasuke/uzumaki naruto" angst kudos>10, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death, Rape/Non-Con, Underage, Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Underage, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings (70), A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin (111), A Song of Ice and Fire & Related Fandoms (67), The Lord of the Rings - J. R. R. Tolkien (2), The Silmarillion and other histories of Middle-Earth - J. R. R. Tolkien (2), The Lord of the Rings - All Media Types (2), Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence (69), R Plus L Equals J | Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen are Jon Snow's Parents (43), Viserys Targaryen (Brother of Daenerys)/Original Female Character(s), Grand Maester Pycelle (A Song of Ice and Fire), Archmaester Marwyn the Mage (A Song of Ice and Fire), Maester Luwin of Winterfell (A Song of Ice and Fire), R Plus L Equals J | Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen are Jon Snow's Parents, Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen Grow Up Together, A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin, Will update tags as I go because honestly I'm not sure where this will go yet, this series will have canon-typical levels of violence, the logic of which boils down to 'yeah but I like this part better', this has been called by my worst friend "A Major Stark Wank", also: it's not an encato au but ever since that movie came out it's been called that in my head, Fashionista Ned lives rent free in my head, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Jon Snow & Arya Stark & Bran Stark & Rickon Stark & Robb Stark & Sansa Stark, The Starks get to be happy because I say so, Dark Sister Sword (A Song of Ice and Fire), Quote: Valar Morghulis (A Song of Ice and Fire), Skinchangers & Skinchanging (A Song of Ice and Fire), Gondor hilft Westeros - Band 2: Der Sohn des Feuers, The Silmarillion and other histories of Middle-Earth - J. R. R. Tolkien, Elessar Telcontar/Arwen Undmiel (mentioned), owyn/Faramir (Son of Denethor II) (mentioned), Aela the Huntress/Male Dovahkiin | Dragonborn, It takes weeks to go from one end of Skyrim to another, Gendry is a Baratheon (A Song of Ice and Fire), Quote: Chaos is a ladder (Game of Thrones), Benjen Stark & Brandon Stark & Lyanna Stark & Ned Stark, lot of friendships and not enough tags anymore, Ashara Dayne/Catelyn Tully Stark/Ned Stark, There is more but can't do more tags/ I had to delete tags, Alternate Universe - Everyone Lives/Nobody Dies, yes this is my comfort fic after reading/watching got and hating martin with all myself (i love him), Sandor Clegane & Jaime Lannister & Arya Stark, Lyanna Stark is The Knight of the Laughing Tree, Alternate Universe - Game of Thrones Fusion, ned stark lives but only like five things are better for it, Are we still pretending the last season didn't happen, Greenseers & Greensight (A Song of Ice and Fire), The Dragon hidden amongst the Wolves and Stars, To all things housed in her silence (Nature always offers a violence), Rhaegal | Daenerys Targaryen's Dragon & Jon Snow, Gendry & Rhaegal | Daenerys Targaryen's Dragon, This Is Not Going To Go The Way You Think, Protective Gendry (A Song of Ice and Fire), Rhaegal | Daenerys Targaryen's Dragon Lives, Ghost | Jon Snow's Direwolf is a Good Boy, and Jon gets a boyfriend and a cool sword, Where Robert finally has that Stark-Baratheon marriage he's wanted for years, Unfortunately not with the people he had in mind, certain people should learn from him and Davos, Where Daenerys loses her throne and her dragon right under her nose, Free Cities of Essos (A Song of Ice and Fire), Azor Ahai Prophecy | The Prince That Was Promised, Lightbringer Sword (A Song of Ice and Fire), It's a little weird but it'll make sense later, Where Rhaegal throws a teenage tantrum and runs away from home, competent chaotic good himbo meets distressed gothic bimbo: the fic, GoT rewrite cause im masochist and petty (what says in the tin), Talisa Maegyr/Viserys Targaryen (Brother of Daenerys), Children of the Forest (A Song of Ice and Fire), jon will be brutal and rutheless when necessary, brienne and jaime become best buds before best lovers, The North and the Riverlands joined Stannis, Several minor pairings that I won't list right now, Some things won't be tagged b/c of spoilers. After all winter is coming, - Links - https://m.fanfiction.net/s/8149463/1/, - Keywords - Retelling, Ned stark lives, epic. Arya/Gendry centric. So they take a dying man to fifteen years in the future. Five years before Robert's Rebellion, a tarnished Silver dragon takes her first breath under a weirwood tree beyond the Wall and stars fall from the sky. A Lannister always pays his debts., In which Jon and Tyrion share a flat in a crumbling London townhouse and a posh cat lady moves in upstairs. Meanwhile, Renly marches on the capital and the Lannisters prepare for the inevitable clash while Stannis waits at Harrenhal, determined not to become a footnote to his brothers usurpation. "You don't make it very easy to be a gentleman, love," he says lowly, before taking her wandering hand and pressing a kiss to her knuckles. After Aegon's death, Daenerys is crowned. And after seventeen years, when her husband met and named Ned his hand. doesn't want to be queen and begs Cersei to let her renounce her claim to the Iron Throne. Only Wull fell on the Northern side. Averted with Ser Axell Florent, who makes all sorts of unreasonable demands at White Harbor. She sat in her son's room as he got changed, his hair shone in the light the came through the window. And, once again, he manages to deal a killing blow thanks to poison, but underestimates his opponent and ends up dead. Quick to love, quick to hate. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. - Links - https://archiveofourown.org/works/570829, - Keywords - Ned stark lives, Catlynn Stark lives, rape recovery, north wank? He is placed in the middle of all this against his will, but he must do his duty for House Stark. This story is Jon Snow and Sansa Stark heavy. The story picks up soon after Ned Starks arrest and Sansa pleading for his life. The Ironborn take Casterly Rock, but lose a thousand men. Littlefinger blackmails him by saying that he is aware of the Spider's "overseas" dealings. Heal what you have broken. When Catelyn dies after Robb Stark's birth, Ned is left free to marry Ashara Dayne, the woman he fell in love with at Harrenhal. He was planning to killing all her men so she would trapped in Meereen. The last claimant to the throne alive is Daenerys. And then to their luck, they spot land, a continent called Tamriel. Jons real name is Daemon Targaryen. Read it here on Archive of Our Own. Work Search: He sipped out the tube that was in his nose. Ned Stark was the sole heir to his father, Lord Rickard Stark and inherited his title at the age of 25 years when his father suffered a massive heart attack. Ned also wants to take Myrcella as a "ward" to ensure the Lannisters leave them alone. We need to think about fixing the heating. I owe you a debt I can never hope to repay.. A hotheaded, outgoing young man. Melisandre is revived in Elianta's body, but killed once again by Gendry. Arya leaked out her marriage to Gendry when he gets arrested at White Harbor. Or: In which Ned Stark trusts his wife and his family, and it changes everything. Ive included a handful of fics from a few of the most popular ships (because goodness knows you could probably do a list of 50 Jon/Dany easily), and a few more obscure ships, because thats what fanfic is all about. Dany finds some semblance of a home in the tiny town of Winterfell, Montana.) They wake screaming. Even though none of them bend the knee, she parts with them on fairly good terms, except for Tyrion. Most famously, the Lannisters ally with the Tyrells, and the Night's Watch (reluctantly) ally with the wildlings to fight the Others. Now, with another bargaining chip in his possession, he has a chance to turn the war. Eddard Stark, second son of the Lord of Winterfell, dutiful, and respectable even by his friends who are heirs to their respective lands. Under the rule of Cersei Lannister and her enforcer Night King, citizens of Westeros are forced to endure her brutal regime. Ned Stark Lyanna Stark Ashara Dayne Sibling Incest Canon Divergence - Tourney at Harrenhal Tourney at Harrenhal Starkcest | Stark Family Incest (A Song of Ice and Fire) During the Tourney of Harrenhal a jealous she-wolf tries to figure out why the quiet wolf is so interested in a falling star. Subverted, as Melisandre has taken over that body, and is just biding her time until she can take revenge for her murder and kill Aegon. Ned stark was an honourable man, but honour never saved anyone. Essentially, Robb actually plans and plays the great game with his brother by his side and a cleaver surprising ally from lands far from the North. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Fem!Ned Fem!Eddard, Links: https://m.fanfiction.net/s/13913527/1/Ned-s-Southern-Folly, Keywords: Cat, Robb, Ned, Rickard Karstark and Jon Snow, Rating & Archive Warnings: M for Mature, some Mentions of Rape but nothing Explicitly Shown. [Ongoing, currently 100 chapters, 378,000 words, rated explicit], With the threat of the Dead looming over the realm, Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen travel northward to fight for their home, their people, and each other. A tiny change turns the fate of the realm on its heels. And as Ned Stark was about to be excuted, he decied enough was enough. He doesn't even mind the possibility of getting burned alive, as long as he gets to see a dragon. Who is going to get killed by Jaime Lannister as . The Gods decide to take a more active role in their disciples lives, and for the first time in over three centuries the Valyrian Gods awaken to protect the last Targaryen's. She's also the one who kills Littlefinger. His Valyrian hair combined with his Stark Look make him an oddity in the North but his fighting skills make him heavily respected as well as his black fearsome Direwolf with red eyes. Ashara Daynes child lives and Jon Snow is born with violet eyes. -EDDARD STARK- The royal procession was an impressive sight. Oberyn Martell is a champion in a trial by combat against an experienced swordsman with a Lannister's life in the balance. - Summary - What would have happened in Westeros if Ned Stark had lived? Shireen ends up naming Gendry as her heir to Storm's End. Cersei considers Margaery Tyrell her ally. He makes some much smarter decisions and sends three very important letters to three very different people that he didn't send before. What if he actually fulfilled the promise he gave to his sister? It is a story from a songa fair maid stolen in the dead of night, and her brothers and her betrothed riding to her rescue. The realm is falling apart, Theon's plans are this as as well (He did seize Winterfell, but failed to hold it, and. - King Jaehaerys, Mit der Hilfe von Elessar Telcontar, dem Knig aus der anderen Welt, hat Stannis Baratheon den Eisernen Thron erobert. [1,100 words, rated for general audiences], How Melisandre went from an impoverished child of the North to a slave to a red priestess. Sansa has to determine what she can change and what she has to accept to get a future she wants. The Gods want to have a say in the matters of man. The Stranger offers this to Jon, and Jon rejects him. he communicates with Bran through the Weirwood Tree and sees that Bran's hand has fused with the roots of the tree. Theon still gets captured by Ramsey Snow but he manages to escape. He holds many secrets, and perhaps some answers. after trying to learn more about his plans to invade King's Landing now that Tywin was killed. Arya is still on the loose, Tyrion has escaped from the Vale, and Stannis and Renly Baratheon are making plans to take the Iron Throne. In those worlds, you know the story that plays out, the way the song of ice and fire ends, the curtains that close on bloodlines you come to love and loath. Taking her to safety is easy enough; keeping her safe is a different matter. In this scenario, Ned gets crowned as King in the North. Daenerys plots to flee from Meereen the day of her wedding. At the time, Ned was serving in the national army and had distinguished himself in combat, winning many medals and honours. [Completed, 23 chapters, 125,000 words, rated teen], A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, Civil War has erupted across the Galaxy. And the South would relearn it's fear of the North, as they didn't have their Dragons around to shield them anymore. My friends, whether you first came to Westeros through the books or through the HBO show, Game of Thrones fan fiction is here for you. But she wasnt expecting Robb Stark not to be like the men she knew. To power that passes down through the bloodlines, different in every family, power that blooms and blossoms, changing the way a game plays out. But for every thousand worlds of those, there is always one where Noble Blood refers to something literal. The preferred form of the Great Other when dealing with humans if Ned's vision and a Wildling legend are anything to go by. In a thousand versions of this world, that phrase truly means very little beyond privilege and who you happened to be born to. 63 pages September 16, 2020 Bri45. So after Arya died, she is given another chance to live again. He wrapped a wolfs skin around a salmon but it shrugged the cloak off and looked towards the lands it had been fished from. - Summary - In which Ned Stark realizes that with baby Jon alive, the war is not over, and conducts his household accordingly. Thank you for signing up! At the end, after Eddard dies, he finds his way to the, Euron uses his dragonbinding horn to force Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion to attack Dany. Ahem. Told from multiple characters perspectives but focusing on Jon and Daenerys. Tyrion knew, as he gazed up at the dark skinned Martell man, that this was perhaps his only chance to spirit Sansa out of Kings Landing and away from his fathers greedy fingers. When she asks him to help her die, he takes her back to Dorne instead. Do not use the word "bastard" around Arya, unless you want to get all sorts of reactions from her. Tywin Lannister would have married the girl himself if he felt he could have gotten away with it, and so Tyrion knew his own marriage was no protection to Ned Starks daughter whatsoever. Jaime almost loses his sword hand, but convinces the maesters to leave it on. Until dreadful dreams came to him and he was forced to go North, causing his father to send an Army to look for him. The simple gesture sparks a flame in her chest, and she exhales shakily. - Summary - When Eddard Stark arrives at Winterfell after the rebellion, he has to choose between his little nephew and his new wife. Please consider turning it on! Still unmarried and unbetrothed, Prince Rhaegar Targaryen is urged to find a bride at the tourney at Harrenhal. Subverted with Joffrey, who is soon captured by Stannis and is immediately killed in single combat. And the life of everyone around him changed as well, for the better or the worse. [Incomplete, 12 chapters, 48,000 words, rated teen], A Stark girl ruling Westeros alone was unprecedented enough, even without her unorthodox choice of guard, so Sansa had tread carefully when naming them, choosing her times and her methods with all the canniness shed learned at the hands of men like Petyr Baelish and women like Cersei Lannister. It was well-written enough, but I couldn't fathom Ned banning Cat from seeing her children. Yoren and Lommy still die en route to the North. She could turn the Young Wolf in her ally. He take his lessons seriously as he wants to be someone worthy to help his wild brother rule the North when the time comes and make his family proud. Their mutual attraction threatens to consume them both. Meanwhile, on the other side of the Wall, beyond the Land of Everwinter, something evil senses the shift and stirs. A Kindle Scribe Review. If you accept cookies from our site and you choose "Proceed", you will not be asked again during this session (that is, until you close your browser). Roose Bolton tries to kill Robb because he killed Ramsay Snow in his trial by combat. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. After all. When the Royal Family allows her, Jaime, and his brother Tyrion on their journey to Winterfell, Jeyne becomes quite determined to befriend the Bastard of Winterfell. Elizabeth- a Jamie Lannister fanfic by laddersofchaos. Tywin calls the council of old to discuss the problems plaguing the realm and what can be done about them. Varys promptly abandons the Lannister campaign after it becomes clear that they'll never retake King's Landing from Stannis at this point, and leaves Westeros in search of Aegon VI. Robb Stark is moving to the Riverlands and Tywin Lannister and his son Jaime are planning to meet his army. Privacy Policy. The remains of which he lost when his love died. Theon is also taken hostage. They will tear a kingdom apart, pull a king from his throne, and crown another in his place, all in the name of the fair, stolen maid. Everything goes according to plan until suddenly, Joffrey decides to chop off Ned Stark's head and start the War of the Five Kings. But he did wake, and it was not in the forlorn outreaches of the Wall, but back at Winterfell, where King Robert Baratheon was a days ride awayOld Nan had always warned against changing fate, but how can Jon refuse a chance to prevent the game of thrones? The official story was that she would marry Hizdahr and allow her dragons to killed. She just wants to live in peace with her parents. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from thestaff@tvtropes.org. Which happens, and eventually they get married in the weirwood. will he and the maid with purple eyes find happiness while the realm is burning? She thinks the fear might consume her whole. If this land does not end in fire, salt or shadow first? [Completed, 49 chapters, 120,000 words, rated mature], When the Aegon Targaryen Memorial Library at Crownlands University loses its most recent library director in a tragic accident, President Robert Baratheon turns to his friend and colleague Eddard Stark to turn the library around. The realm was healing. during his duel with his brother, after Tyrion shouts out Sansa's name. "A rider came in this morning, from Moat Cailin. A war is not one story; it is thousands speaking at once. Robb kills Theon after he becomes a self-aware wight and bows his head before Robb, mutely begging for a permanent death. They agree that Jon will be raised by him, and live in Dorne. Then Quentyn Martell showed up to marry her. [Ongoing, currently 30 chapters, 133,000 words, rated teen], When Sansa and Theon flee Winterfell, they encounter someone who can give Sansa a chance to start over. He would show the world why it took a Dragon to subdue the North, when no man made army could. [Completed, 9 chapters, 100,000 words, rated teen], Winter is coming, said Jon Snow. Or, I'm bitter about seasons 6-8 and want to re-do it all. Sandor is willing to risk travel to Winterfell to turn in Theon so as to get into the Starks' good books, while Sansa is willing to become an old maid if she cannot marry him. Littlefinger turns over to Stannis's sides after a failed attempt to get the Tyrells in Joffrey's favor. - Links - https://m.fanfiction.net/s/13401921/1/, - Keywords - Strong North, BAMF Ned stark, - Summary - The last thing he saw before his head was taken off was the horror in his daughter's eyes. Cersei certainly rued the moment she told Jaime to try to die with some dignity. [Completed, 33,000 words, rated teen]. Tony was on a cot in a cave. [Completed trilogy, each book/part over 400,000 words, no rating labeled], After Ned takes Jon from the Tower of Joy, he stops by Kings Landing to see Robert crowned. Press J to jump to the feed. With them is a little girl with extreme, the Lannisters and Tyrells, but the Others attack before he can give an answer, with Melisandre dead and all four dragons in Westeros under Targaryen control, the Tyrells are holding her, Myrcella, and Jaime prisoner, the raid on Casterly Rock is successful, but he gets captured. . Thats it. Summary: In 293 AC, four of Ned's most powerful vassals come to talk to him about the North and House Stark. Catelyn names her fourth son after Edmure, who died in the Third Battle of the Trident. In my twist on GOT/ASOIAF, I envision Robb waiting just a moment longer and waiting to receive word back, the conflict would play out very differently. Llena de Rabia porque Daenerys logro quitarle el apoyo de su familia, desea nunca haber sido una nia tonta y egosta. being hit in the head and going into a coma. She nearly trembles. Tony Stark abruptly woke up, sucking gulps of air as he felt a tube in his nose. The Army of the Dead is upon them. Only then, Lyanna could discover that her only son plans to join the Night's Watch. What she did not know was that she was going to be left in the North at 8 years old to one day become the wife of Robb Stark and just how much it would change her life. The stone dragon Melisandre awakens with Gendry's blood eats her alive. For the last pair, the marriage has not been consummated yet. She butts heads with Tyrion because she insists on getting his brother's head, but managed to keep her cool. Arya notes, that had Ramsay not taken his helmet off the blow would have glanced off his helmet. continues to be the only king out of the original lot to survive the war. But she quickly learns that the fire burns deadly in the royal family, and winter has no place in Kings Landing. Wouldnt it? [Ongoing, currently 14 chapters, 34,000 words, rated explicit], A magical event transports the kingdom of the Westerlands to Middle Earth just before the War of the Ring, will the Lannisters find what good is in their hearts or will they be corrupted into the service of Sauron and doom the world of men? We do not know what the maid thought, or the princes wife, herself a princess by birth. Implied to be what happens to all wights, as seen from Theon's point of view. Also averted somewhat, as fans have noted, in that none of the Starks have died. It manages to put Ned into a coma before it's defeated. In the duel between Ramsay and Robb, Ramsay takes off his helmet allowing the already mortally injured Robb to stab him in the throat. Robb, Ned, Tyrion, the Greatjon and Mance all weep when. Averted with the Sand Snakes. This story is about Robert allowing Daenerys to live in Winterfell, betrothed to Jon to sully her line, rather than disgrace himself by murdering a baby. A Stark girl getting married to a Baratheon boy. However, after being missing for so long and showing up so conveniently, this just makes Tyrion and Stannis more suspicious of him. One last night of peace at Winterfell before the entire world as they know it comes crumbling down. Ned Stark arrives at the great tourney of Harrenhal, Carrying anguish and heartbreak in his chest. [Part 1 of a 3 part series, completed, 2,800 words, rated teen], A portrayal of a modern and healthy relationship, accompanied by reflections and musings about love. But little do they know that he is also one of most prolific lechers of his time, A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Fanfic/NedStarkLives. Beric Dondarrion's men save Ned, Arya and the other boys from Vargo Hoat, but Ned was already talking them out of killing them all. Lyanna Stark is chosen to wed the prince, much to her displeasure, and must leave the North to play princess with the dragons. [Completed, 25 chapters, 155,000 words, rated mature]. Tyrion proclaimed that only Robb and Edmure need kneel to represent The North and the Riverlands respectively. There must always be a Stark in Winterfell, and if there cannot be, then they must at least be prepared. King Rhaegar was hailed for his mercy. Not the way I love you.. The story sets off when Jon and Dany are at the beginning of their twenties, in university, and follows them as they grow up together. [3,000 words, rated for general audiences], For Sansa, life without Arya would be bliss. When Arya is about to be attacked by, After being missing for the entire sequel, Littlefinger. [Ongoing, currently 76 chapters, 360,000 words, rated mature], What was intended to be some love-filled Jonerys drabbles, but has turned into a full blown S8 canon adventure complete with romance, dragons, drama, angst, politics, prophecies, and the Battle for the Dawn. But, because of being too focused on the wild, older brother, we decided to ignore the quiet, young brother, and that My Lords was our biggest mistake. He struggles with his knowledge of the upcoming wars, the mystery of his mothers forgotten letters, and the prophecy of the Prince That Was Promised. Robert Baratheon had no patience for rule, and thought that having Eddard Stark as his hand would allow him to do as he pleased while his best friend managed the realm. Check out these 8 fantasy books like Game of Thrones! If you proceed you have agreed that you are willing to see such content. [Ongoing, currently 16 chapters, 38,000 words, rated teen], A brief look at Alayayas life as a whore in Kings Landing. Yoren is in Kings Landing, recruiting for the Nights Watch. Part of one of the last Houses of a dead civilization, finding a way to game a planet with the odds stacked against me so very heavily is key to survival. And so he'll also be worthy to marry Arya. - Status - Complete (has complete Sequel), - Links - https://m.fanfiction.net/s/12787665/1/The-Princess-of-Winter#end, - Summary - When the Northern Lords express their displeasure at Brandon Stark's betrothal to a southerner, Rickard Stark decides that the answer lies in his eldest daughter, Heddara. with his brother. The story picks up soon after Ned Stark's arrest and Sansa pleading for his life. Eddard Stark is aware of the great game. or the Others will destroy everything before she even has the chance. It had been a slash across her chest from a White Walkers sword that finally ended her life. February 27, 2023 equitable estoppel california No Comments . Please consider turning it on! Im not doing it for you. she said, looking at the babe close.