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Ambulance is a Quest in Escape from Tarkov. Ibuprofen Painkillers spawn in Caches*, Medbags, Medical Supply Crates, and Sports Bags. Once youve picked up the message, you need to extract it from the raid successfully. 3x1x sudo docker run \ -p 5775:5775/udp \ -p 6831:6831/udp \ -p 6832:6832/udp \ -p 5778:5778 \ -p Stack Overflow 5x1x This particular SKS is ready to go out of the box (barter?) And if you wanted to buy the FLIR the standard way, you'd have to prepare about half a million Roubles. We will be happy to receive constructive criticismthat will help us improve our future workso leave your suggestions in the comments section below. They are like 130 to 150 on flea and he buys them for 120 I think. Prerequisites to Unlock Jaeger. Is there something similar to buying flash drives of the flea and selling them to peacekeeper but for jaeger? You have to get to level 10 in your character progression before youre able to take up tasks from the Mechanic that unlocks Jaeger. - quest (Ambulance) that gives a whopping +0.3, catapulting even Standard edition owners to enough for LL4 at the point it unlocks. Below is a complete list of these trades. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. trailer <<42AF9F52D6224DEBB62A0C82DAA5096B>]/Prev 117477>> startxref 0 %%EOF 46 0 obj <>stream Barter similar to the one for Rotor Muzzle Brake, however, this one requires BEAR-only Dogtags of level 20 and higher. Roler and the Ring are also sometimes carried by Scavs. Escape from Tarkov Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Common newsprint generally ranges in size between J7 (10-pt type) and J10 (14-pt type), which are the equivalent of 20/70 (6/20) and 20/100 (6/30) on a distance eye chart. Related: How to complete Gunsmith Part 2 in Escape from Tarkov. 8x Pack of Sugar + 5x Water Bottle With a Filter Aquamari1x FLIR Thermal Riflescope. If you need like 300k i would do the dogtag case barter, I wish I found flash drives like that I barely find them anymore. The MP-133 itself can be bartered from the Mechanic with two Elite Pliers and a single Screwdriver, found from Scavs in-raid or purchased on the flea market. Here are all the Escape From Tarkov Quests For Jaeger that you should be completing to rake in Roubles quickly to purchase high-tier gear. Thanks to her background, she was able to secure the hospital's reserves of drugs and provisions. 4x NIXXOR Lens1x DS Arms SA-58. 6x D Size Battery1x Rotor 43 9x19mm Muzzle Brake. To evaluate your near vision, your optician may use a small hand-held card called a Jaeger eye chart. If you have the flea market you can buy antique axes on the flea and then sell them to him for like 53k, you lose a couple thousand rubles every axe but it works for me without to much loss. You can Craft 2 Launch Boxes, at Nutrition Unit Level 1, from 1 Can of Beef Stew, 1Squash Spread, and 2 Army Crackers. Bars A-2607- 95x18 is one of the most common melee weapons used by Scavs. Complete the Gunsmith Part 1 quest for the Mechanic. Knowing your Traders well will certainly help you maintain a healthyeconomy and allow you to progress through the game quicker. They can be found in Sports Bags, Drawers, Caches, and Technical Supply Crates. Comprehensive eye exam: What to expect at your eye examination. You can buy the belt rig off the market for a little more than that or if you're lucky you can snipe one for 32k and profit about 1k. Traders are the primary source of your gear and income, so you are forced to get on well with them. The second-best 7.62x39mm ammo, PS, is available from Prapor LL1 by the way. This doesn't sound too optimistic, but you don't really have a choice. D Size and AA Batteries Batteries can be found in Caches, Drawers, Plastic Suitcases, Jackets, Sports Bags, Toolboxes, Technical Supply Crates, and are sometimes carried by Scavs. USB Adapters are a very common spawn. 1x GP Coin + 1x Screwdriver1x Modded SKS Carbine. Now, you can connect to the Jaeger console at http://localhost:16686 We see the Jaeger user interface. Once all six pieces have been added to the weapon, youre good to turn it into the Mechanic. This quest will ultimately cost players a couple thousand Roubles, as only 20,000 is offered by completion along with a mediocre rifle, but the economy in Escape from Tarkov is in shambles. Bleach and Schaman Shampoo are quite commonspawns and can be found in Caches and Sports Bags. Everything except other Containers can be stored in it. Hot Rods can be found in Caches, Sports Bags, Suitcases, and Jackets. 1x+1x Mosin is extremely devastating at all stages of the game because of the ammunition that it fires (7.62x54R LPS gzh ammo, available from LL1 Prapor, Deals 81 Damage and has 42 Penetration). The chart is moved forward and back until you are able to read a certain type size. It is given to you when you fail to extract or dye from dehydration. How to complete Gunsmith Part 2 in Escape from Tarkov, How to remove construction in Dwarf Fortress. This is a great early investment that will let you store all your ammo in one place and clean up your stash in the process. Doing the math on his reputation after you do some of his quests (Lets say the first 4) nets you a 0.15 level - just at the borderline for LL2 to upgrade the water container. Before the conflict, he worked as a hunter in the Priozersk Natural Reserve under the State Hunting Service. Always consider finishing the raid alive before trying to complete a task if its too out of the way. Chainlets can be found in Jackets, Caches, Safes, Sports Bags, and Plastic Suitcases. Provisions, Maps (we don't recommend using them as there are much better ones available online), Medkits, Painkillers, Injury Treatment Items, Stimulants (only a few types), Various types of Containers. Every USEC Player will drop a "USECDogtag" on death. Documents case provides you with 4x4 inventory while taking up only 2 slots. EER 2.5 l Rates $1118.00pq l Strata $705.50pq l Internal 224m2. Mosin from this barter comes with the Scope pre-mounted. Understandably, newbies dont have access to all the features that game veterans have grinded through and unlocked. Additionally, the items that Jaeger has on offer change with every "Loyalty Level." T-Shaped Plugs can be found in industrial areas. Be the first one to comment on this story. Consumables (Ammunition, Meds, and Food) cannot be insured. It can also be found in Safes, Sports Bags, Suitcases, and Caches. Various modified and non-modified Western and Russian-made Weapons (mainly via barter trades), Containers, Ammunition, Weapon Parts, Weapon Attachments, Magazines. They also spawn quite commonly in industrial areas and can be crafted at the Level 2 Workbench. There is a second THICC Items Case barter that requires 50"Fierce Hatchling" Moonshines, 30 Dan Jackiel Whiskey bottles, and 35 Tarkovskaya vodka bottles. 0000019539 00000 n 3x GP Coin1x AK-74N Magpul. Heres how to complete this task for a simple 20k Roubles. About 130-150k on the Flea, and Jaeger buys them for ~128k iirc. As with any other AI dealer, youll need to get more reputation to access better gear. Jaeger is initially locked, and can be unlocked through Mechanic's quest Introduction. Press J to jump to the feed. Grizzly can restore 1800 Health in total and cures both Fractures and Bloodloss. These items are: The MBSS Backpack offers a 4x4 grid and will allow you to carry at least some loot out of a Raid. Refresh the page or click the button below to continue. 100x Dogtag (level 10 and up)1x Lucky Scav Junkbox. Antique Vase Spawns in The Lab (Manager Office and Arsenal Room), Woods (next to the dead scav by the shore), Factory (officer hallway), Shoreline (East Wing Room 310), and Reserve (dead body close to the helicopter). Escape From Tarkov Quests For Jaeger. Sometimes, Traders simply need some specific items and they are willing to give you something really good in exchange for them. Let us know in the comments section below. Containers (pays a bit more than Therapist). Testing usually is performed with both eyes open; but if a signicant dierence between the two eyes is suspected, . If you want to modify, repair, or customize your armaments, he can help you for a reasonable fee. 1x Pack of Sugar + 1x Sodium Bicarbonate1x IFAK First Aid Kit. Dogtags andPhysical Bitcoins (not a good idea to sell these, however. GP Coins can be found in Safes, Suitcases, Caches, Jackets, and Sports Bags. Get 2 found in raid packs of Emelya rye croutons. 8x+ 5x1x Only found 2 so far from doing a bunch of file cabinet runs on reserve, Buy morphine off the flea market, sell to jaeger. With this barter, you can get a few more Piles of Meds and craft yourself some of the best medical items in the game. Scavs also sometimes carry them. Once you get to level 10, the real fun in Escape from Tarkov begins. However, players will need to follow a series of steps in-game to unlock Jaeger in Escape from Tarkov. Note: This becomes available after you complete the "Regulated Materials" task for Prapor. 3x Iskra Launch Box 1x Bramit Silencer for a Mosin Rifle. This barter will let you save a lot of money, as Prapor LL3 sells TGP-A for around 45000 Roubles. It is also one of the easiest weapons to mod. Just remember that pretty much any armor available in the game will stop these rounds. How To Complete The Gunsmith Part 1 in Escape From Tarkov 12.11. Medical Bloodtestsand Piles of Meds can be found in Caches, Medbags, Medcases, Sports Bags, and Medical Supply Crates. 5 Ox Bleaches can be crafted at Level 2 Lavatory from 1 Soap, 1 Alkali Surface Washer, and 1 Sodium Bicarbonate, so this should be an easy barter to make in the late game. May you have many happy kills! VOIP is a hotly debated topic and should come with an update this year. Crickent Lighters can be found in Jackets, Ground Caches*, Drawers, Sports Bags, technical Supply Crates, and are sometimes carried by Scavs. It might sound easy at first, but the in-game locations near the camp can get quite crowded and have some AI spawns around them to boot, so success is certainly not guaranteed. Gunpowder "Kite" can be crafted, on the Workbench level 1, from 70 5.45x39mm PS rounds. Start Introduction Mechanic quest. I have tried executing this docker command to setup Jaeger Agent and jaeger collector with elasticsearch. 0000001521 00000 n Turn in the gun and go get your bitcoins. Cat Figurines, Bronze Lions, and Horse Figurines can be found in Caches*, Safes, Sports Bags, Plastic Suitcases, in the Shturman's Boss Crate, and are sometimes carried by Scavs. 5x1x You should be able to see a smaller stone array below the Sniper Rock usually referred to as the Spine.. 25x1x 1x Scavs love their cigarettes and Zibbo Lighters are just perfect for igniting them Zibbo Lighter can also be found in Sports Bags, Jackets, Drawers, Caches, and Technical Supply Crates. Eye charts measure visual acuity only. This Barter requires Dogtags from quite experienced players, because of the level 20 and up requirement. You can also use the above-mentioned barter to get them. If you ensure a loaded Magazine, it will return to you without the ammunition., if you ensure a Backpack filled with Meds, the Meds won't be inside when you get it back, etc.. This barter provides you with a fully-kitted MPX so it's definitely worth a look, even if getting all needed items is quite a chore (weapon parts, especially). Has anyone actually unlocked Jaeger level 2 at level 15? 17x Wilston Cigarettes1x Modded M1A. Portable Defibrillators spawn in Medbags, Plastic Suitcases, Sports Bags, Caches*, Shtruman's Stash, Medcases, and can sometimes be found on Scavs. Despite his position, He will not hesitate to make some private income out of the national property. It can also be found in Ration Supply Crates, Sports Bags, Suitcases, and Caches. Shoot a yellow signal flare in the hotel's courtyard. Abramayan Arshavir Sarkisivich, known by his nickname "Ragman", was a director of one of the city's biggest Shopping Centers. Post-Soviet Bloc Weapons (AK platform; Klin and Kedr SMGs; 9x18 and 9x19 Russian-made pistols; Historical Soviet-made weapons - Mosin, SKS, and PPSh-41; DMRs - SVDS, SV-98; Specialist Weapons - VSS and VAL; and more), Ammunition, Grenades, Weapon Attachments, Weapon Modifications, Optics. This Barter Trade is very hard to make, but the reward is one of the most powerful items in the game. 1x Medical Bloodtest + 1x Pile of Meds1x Ibuprofen Painkillers. There is an exploitable way to level Jaegers economy without losing much money or any at all. LEDX Skin Transilluminators spawn in the same loot containers as Defibrillators and can also be found as loose loot anywhere where "medical" loose loot spawns, for example, EMERCOM, ULTRA, and Mantis on the Interchange, or G11 and G22 rooms in The Lab. You can find the hidden note at the base of the camp. Scavs also sometimes carry them. Gunpowders can be found in Weapon Boxes, Toolboxes, Sports Bags, and Caches. 4x Ox Bleach + 2x Schaman Shampoo1x Wartech TV-100 Plate Carrier. You'll also see a lot of information about service ports. Therapist and Jaeger offer similar prices, but Therapist is a better bartering partner. This is a late-game barter, but it's definitely worth a look. 15x 5L Propane Tank + 10x Fuel Conditioner + 15x Dry Fuel 1x Red Rebel Ice Pick. Just remember that pretty much any armor available in the game will stop these rounds. If one is looking to buyspecialized, Russian-made, Special Operations Forces weapons, Prapor is the one to talk to. Once you unlock Jaeger, youll get access to his tasks and have a wider array of items to buy at more affordable prices compared to other AI dealers. Get 2 found in raid cans of delicious beef stew. How a Snellen eye chart and a "tumbling E" chart might look at your optician's office. 0000007711 00000 n They are also quite common in the Interchange's Mall. Note: Most of the listed barter items can also randomly spawn inside a Raid so keep your eyes peeled. Bottle of Vodka Tarkovskaya can be crafted at the Nutrition Unit level 3 from "Fierce Hatchling" and 5 bottles of water. However, the fact that He can traffic anything to or out of the city is common knowledge around Tarkov's inhabitants. After receiving the shotgun, modify the shotgun according to the mechanic's specifications. Complete the task in the Mechanics task menu. Tarkov Traders Guide - in-depth comparison and analysis. Scavs also carry them sometimes. I find his tasks to be the most time consuming and most of them give you very little rep. Plus other traders tasks reduce rep with him. Coffe, TarCola, and Milk are common in Ration Supply Crates, Jackets, Suitcases, and Sports Bags. You get "The Gunsmith Part 1" quest from Sergey Arsenyevich Samoylov (aka - The Mechanic ). 0000002423 00000 n Peacekeeper does not pay particularly well, but he has one advantage, mainly, he pays in hard, green US Dollars. This offers you a rather easy way of getting early grenades, and grenades are always welcome. Jaeger Another hard to level trader. Also,Ibuprofen is one of the best Painkillers in the game. Duct Tape can be found in Jackets, Sports Bags, Drawers, Toolboxes, Technical Supply Crates, Buried Caches*, and is sometimes carried by Scavs. Apollon Soyuz Cigarettes commonly spawn in Jackets, Sports Bags, and Caches. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Prapor is a bit greedy. 16 0 obj <> endobj xref How long did it take? Weapon Parts can be found in Wooden Crates, Caches, and Sports Bags. 0000019274 00000 n One example is when the person having the eye test is a young child who doesn't know the alphabet or is too shy to read letters aloud. To unlock Jaeger, players are going to need to do a few things in the world of Escape from Tarkov first. I've seen guides online and most of them are outdated. The extraction location for the Woods will always be one of the two southern bases the opposite one from where you started. Various more and less useful clothing, Armored Vests, Helmets, Tactical Backpacks, Tactical Rigs, Tactical Gear (Headphones, Faceshields, Eye Protection). With new tasks, you can unlock the final AI dealers and corner the games marketplace by selling smart. All players will need to do for this build is to grab one of the six items purchased, inspect the MP-133 in their stash, and drag and drop the pieces into the build. This is one of several Barters that give you access to the 9x19 RIP Ammunition (There is also one with Skier LL3 and Jaeger LL4). Some good rng for sure. Going to be live at 8:30pm EST for more questy questing. 4x+ 2x1x 8x1x 8x1x Studies have shown that visual acuity measurements using a tumbling E chart are virtually the same as those obtained from testing with a standard Snellen eye chart. And sometimes, they just want to expand their collection of seemingly useless stuff. 7x Medical Bloodtest + 7x Disposable Syringe + 2x Vaseline1x Meds Case. 0000032229 00000 n Java Microservice We'll use a simple Spring Boot service to create some traces. I'd recommend selling to him those items that you usually sell to Therapist, after you level her up. However, the Mechanic will give you more for the weapon attachments if the weapon youre selling has any, so keep in mind to check prices with him accordingly. Most of the items required for bartering can be found in Raids - they can be anything, from provisions to high-tier military equipment. 0000026165 00000 n He pays a bit less, but it's much better compared to buying and selling his items. 0000004193 00000 n This thread is archived. 16 31 The Jaeger chart consists of short blocks of text in various type sizes. Mosin is a very popular early game weapon. BS rounds are the second-best ammunition type you can use in your 5.45x39 AKs and this barter is how you get them. Every PMC carries a Dogtag that can be looted from their corpse. Hunter Matches can be found in Jackets, Sports Bags, and Technical Supply Crates. Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. You can buy the belt rig off the market for a little more than that or if you're lucky you can snipe one for 32k and profit about 1k. UN peacekeeping Force supply officer, based in one of the central checkpoints leading to the Tarkov port zone. Yes, please! The Kirasa offers Class 3 armor protectionwhich is enough to protect you against most Scavs and quite a few low-level players and mages it a great early game armor choice. If you haven't had an eye exam recently, click here to find an optometrist near you. You can find what items here https://tarkov-tools.com/traders/jaeger, I used portable defibrillators. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast . By the time I joined this project it was a failed project which had severe scope creep and was over budget & time. The wares that Jaeger has on offer in-game are: I was able to get Jaeger's quest The Trophy done on the first try last night! Alternatively, you can buy whatever hes offering and sell it back to him at a loss if you just want to level your reputation up. Everytime you loot any type of melee weapon, sell it to him, any meds, bandages you don't need, sell it to him, you don't lose much not selling them to therapist. Springfield Armory M1A uses 7.62x51mm ammunition which is one of (if not the) most devastating ammo types in the game (7.62x51 M80 Rounds, available from Peacekeeper LL2 have 41 Penetration!). Roler can be found on Shoreline (East Wing Room 310 and West Wing Room 220) and in The Lab (Arsenal Room and Manager Office). Keep this in mind when embarking on a Raid there. Early Grenades are extremely powerful and will give you an advantage in pretty much any combat scenario. When youre strapped for time and want to dispose of a lot of items quickly, Jaeger is one of the top choices to sell provisions and weapons in bulk. 2x Dogtag (any - level 1 and up)1x Flyye MBSS Backpack. Traders are people who have builttheir fortunes on the ashesTarkov and whatever secrets, riches, and mysteries can be extracted from them. Thermal Scopes make Raids on open maps, like Woods, extremely unfair, however, they are also extremely expensive. 5x Hunter Matches1x Splav Tarzan M22 Rig. 0000000016 00000 n Damaged Hard Drives are very commonly Found in PC Blocks. 0000006937 00000 n Pretty much every in-game item, except other containers, can be stored inside it. Assembling the MP-133 is straightforward once the six pieces have been purchased. I sell all my rigs to him and buy the umka rigs from him. Camelback Backpack offers 5x6 Grid Size so you can fit a lot of loot into it. 0000003413 00000 n Note: To get access to Jaeger you need to complete the quest Introduction from Mechanic. 0000025907 00000 n Eotech has a very clean reticle that is comfortable to use at both close and medium ranges. You will also need theTrijicon REAP-IR for the "Gunsmith - Part 16" and "test Drive - Part 1" Tasks. 20x+ 10x/ 140x1x 4x+ 4x+ 4x1x The chart is moved forward and back until you are able to read a certain type size. . Just want to drop in and say I appreciate this tip. Since then, there have been several modifications of the Jaeger chart (or "Jaeger card") by different manufacturers. Also, this is one of the main sections of our Tarkov's Beginners Guide which we just decided to divide into smaller parts. Tushonkacan be crafted, at Nutrition unit Level 1, from 1 Can of Delicious Beef Stew, 1 Squash Spread, and 1 Rye Croutons. The optician asks the person being tested to use either hand (with their fingers extended) to show which direction the "fingers" of the E are pointing: right, left, up or down. 5x Apollon Soyuz Cigarettes1x AK-74N Assault Rifle. A professional hunter and survival specialist. Paid AntiRoach can be found on Dead Scavs, in Buried Caches*, and in Sports Bags. If you are looking for Body Armours, survival gear, and combat backpacks, visiting the Ragman is your best bet. 0000002062 00000 n A Jaeger eye chart may be used in two different ways, depending on what your optician is trying to measure: The chart is held at a specified reading distance (such as 35cm) and you are asked to read the passage with the smallest type you can see. 0000019103 00000 n This quest requires the player to extract a note from the Woods map. You spend around 400k on him every time you do that. 5x T-Shaped Plug1x 19-01 Vityaz-SN 9x19 Submachine Gun. The other rows contain letters that are progressively smaller in size, with more letters per line. Some Jaeger charts have an additional paragraph labelled "J1+" that may be even smaller than the J1 block of text. The best places to look forUZRGM Grenade Fuzes are the Grenade Boxes.