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The Eerie History Of Houska Castle, The Gothic Fortress Built To Seal A Gateway To Hell. Required fields are marked *. Having a bottom doesnt necessarily make it less dangerous or negate its evil reputation that is mythologized via various themes. The chapel is appropriately dedicated to Saint Michael, who protects against the forces of darkness. Legend has it that when construction began in the castle, all of the prisoners that were sentenced to death were offered a pardon if they consented to be lowered by rope into the hole, and report back on what they saw. Falling into Mels Hole.Skeptoid Podcast. (1995). Houska Castle looks just like any other ordinary medieval castle but upon closer inspection, one can notice a few strange features. Another person who claimed to know its location, a man who called himself by the assumed name Red Elk also never demonstrated any genuine evidence of the hole even though he said he had visited it for decades. The locals ignored the finding. In order to try and unlock the power from beneath the foundations, its said that he practiced numerous rituals, which included animal sacrifice. (1960). I wish I had more info on this citation from Corliss. An oil well in Qatar achieved a longer borehole length at 40,320 feet (but did not exceed the Kola reach in depth below sea level) in 2008. The green-blue color from algae makes the pools look tranquil and ultra-deep. When the prisoner, who was a young man, was pulled back up to the surface he looked as if he had aged decades in the few seconds he was in the pit. New Study Shows Mushrooms Communicate With Each Other Using A Vocabulary Of 50 Words, The Tragic Story Of Harolyn Suzanne Nicholas, Dorothy Dandridge's Mentally Disabled Daughter, What Stephen Hawking Thinks Threatens Humankind The Most, 27 Raw Images Of When Punk Ruled New York, Join The All That's Interesting Weekly Dispatch. The holes may also release a large volume of methane gas suddenly. The light cannot penetrate far into the gloom so the bottom cant be seen. A phantom White Lady is also said to haunt the building. houska castle pit explorationdr phil what happened to colin. It is said to be an entrance to hell that swallows damned souls. The lake had formed from a cavern roof collapse after an earthquake some 2000 years ago. Formed during times when sea level lower, they were then flooded and may be isolated in inland areas or open to the existing marine environment. MYSTERIESRUNSOLVED & MRU MEDIA, 2019-2022. The first of these craters were discovered in July 2014. Tourists may visit the chapel with fading frescoes and murals "including pictures of demon-like figures and animal-like beings". This wooden structure was mentioned by Vaclav Hajek in his Czech Chronicle which was published in 1541. The Houska pit was attributed as the source of strange visitations. Continue with Recommended Cookies. The most well-known story stemming from the legends of Houska Castle is that of the convict. A large gash in the limestone rock opened up a "bottomless pit" sometime in the 12th century. Locals avoided the area near Houska Castle even when it lay completely abandoned. As of early 2020, the castle was open to the public and had been since 1999. According to local legend, it was meant to trap demons. Hydrogen sulfide gas in the water is toxic and can cause dizziness and nausea, disorienting divers. This melting of permafrost forms whats called thermokarst. The investigation at Houska Castle (which today is more of a castle mansion than a . The Dozmary Pool in Bodmin Moor, Cornwall was said to have an outlet to the sea which was 10.5miles (16.9 km) away. Person, H.A. They acquired their name when local herdsmen could not discern the bottom via ropes. In accordance with the castles paranormal origins, one highly significant feature of the castle is its defences. Local geologist Jack Powell had heard the radio show. Despite Oronto's death, locals continued to avoid the area. Houska Castle, also known as Hrad Houska, is located about one hour's drive north of Prague, Czech Republic. The location is about 30 miles north of Prague. Houska Castle is located in the eastern part of the Kokon Forest, 47 km north of Prague and about 15 km from Bezdz, another ancient iconic castle of Central Europe. After learning about Houska Castle, read about Caerlaverock Castle and its 800 years of Scottish history. More recently, mysterious holes are endowed with speculative suggestions that they are wormholes or entrances to another dimension. Locals believed this was a gateway to Hell from which demonic beings emerged to feed on villagers and drag them back into the abyss, never to be seen again. Legend has it that prisoners who were facing the gallows were offered full pardons, but only if they agreed to be lowered into the bottomless hole and report on what they saw. Houska Castle is said to be the gateway to Hell. The castle was supposedly constructed in the middle 13th century to surround and cover the hole to hell that had spontaneously formed. Originally constructed in the 13th century during the reign of Ottokar II of Bohemia, the gothic castle is located about an hour north of Prague. In fact, the aim of the villagers living here behind the construction of this house was to cover the mysterious pit, which has infinite depth, also known as the 'door of hell'. The story was first published in Finland by a Pentecostal Christian journal. [7], The pit in the lower levels of the castle is said to be a gateway to hell. We have a really hard time creating a super-deep hole because it needs to be reinforced and cooled. Its also pretty fun to imagine they are the gaping mouth of a subterranean creature or that the earth itself is a living thing that would eat us. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Scholars have since discovered cracks in Hjek's histories, and any evidence of Oronto's existence is rather dubious. In Sompting, local lore of the 1940s described a very dangerous bottomless hole that swallowed a cart horse and all. Natives thought the lake was bottomless because the bodies of those who drowned were not always recovered. Some say the Wehrmacht occupied this castle precisely to investigate whether the gateway to Hell was real, as feverish occultism had consumed its higher ranks. But stagnant waters made us uneasy with their silence. It was said he toiled night and day to discover an elixir for eternal life. [4] Later on, it passed to the hands of the aristocracy, frequently passing from the ownership of one to another. Toggle navigation. [9][10] Another source states locals believed that the Nazis had been using the "powers of Hell" for their experiments. Objects thrown into the hole arent recovered. But it was also claimed to possibly be the location where the legendary King Arthur received the sword Excalibur from the Lady of the Lake. Crossing the bog is dangerous as dry land can suddenly turn liquid. Spirits and beasts from the underworld escaped to torment the locals. Prisoners were lowered into the crevasse to see what was down there and were promised release if they exited safely. Houska Castle sits quietly, surrounded by forest, mystery and a whole lot of legend. New light on contested identity of medieval skeleton found at Prague Castle Date: August 22, 2019 Source: University of Bristol Summary: Used as a propaganda tool by the Nazis and Soviets during . Many of these ceremonies were thought to have taken place at Houska Castle. This ancient stone structure has for centuries held certain notoriety in the region of northern Bohemia in the Czech Republic. They tried to block it with stones, but the abyss allegedly gobbled up anything they dropped into it, refusing to be filled. He had grown wrinkles and his hair had turned white. Like quicksand, the bottomless pit has also become a media horror trope. Spirits and beasts from the underworld escaped to torment the locals. Its impossible to discuss bottomless pits without invoking the idea of gates to hell. It was reported that a beam of black (cant call it light) was seen emanating from the hole. Houska Castle: Gateway To Hell. Myths and Legends of Our Own Land. You will have to walk from the parking for about 10 minutes to the castle. In what is now the Czech Republic there is a castle known as the Houska Castle. Kansas has the infamous Stull Cemetery, Greece has the Cape Matapan Caves, and Indiana had the Demon House (until Ghost Adventures' Zak Bagans tore it down), and . Some water bodies eventually have dried up enough to lose the mystique. In the summer, the cold water under the warm surface can shock swimmers. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Apparently, his hair had turned white and he had grown extremely wrinkled. [1] It is one of the best preserved castles of the period. This is suggestive of some evil entity or the lake itself as a living thing that takes sacrifices. Its not clear if the knuckers made the holes or just found them convenient to occupy. Some believe that an obsession with the occult by high-ranking members was why the Nazis occupied Houska Castle. Thus, by constructing the Gothic building's defensive walls facing inward, they were able to keep the demons trapped in the lower level's thickest walls closest to the hole of the castle. He said locals knew of the hole and would throw garbage in it. Hrad Houska Nature Hiking Adventure An old Gothic style castle that is perfectly hidden in the deep forest and riddled with mystery, come if you dare! Hohek's Castle was built between 1253 and 1278. This page was last edited on 28 February 2023, at 18:46. The castle is very well-preserved for a castle from that period. The lake that has no bottom. They dropped the first man into the ditch and after a few seconds, he had disappeared into the darkness. As the first gothic-style castle known to exist here, Hrad Houska was constructed between 1270-1280 during the reign of King Otakar II. Skeptoid Media, 2 Jun 2009. https://skeptoid.com/episodes/4156. This makes it clear that Houska Castle was not built as a protective sanctuary or a residence. When the hole gets blocked it may temporarily hold water until the plug comes loose and the hole drains. However, the locals were so scared of him two hunters broke into the castle and murdered him. According to the legend, local villagers claimed that demonic half-human and . It is believed that the castle was built to keep the evil in. They are used as a handy disposal method, a perfect death trap, and sometimes, for the villains demise in a dramatic last scene. Around the 1630s, the castle was believed to be occupied by a Swedish black magic practitioner named Oronto. It was filled only to be restored to its original condition the next day. There were many superstitions associated with the lake bolstered by real airplane crashes. On this Wikipedia the language links are at the top of the page across from the article title. Craters forming in Siberia, in particular, look very much like a bottomless hole. houska castle pit explorationbulgarian beauty standards. Ottokar II of Bohemia, Czech king and warrior, known as the Iron and Golden King. The goal was to study the lower crust. Legend has it that the castle, dating back to the 13th century, was built over the Gates of Hell and meant to keep evil spirits from escaping into the world. This folklore was also the basis for the Doctor Who graphic novel Herald of Madness (2019), which is set at Houska Castle and was first published in Doctor Who Magazine 535539. A young and healthy man upon descending, his hair had turned white when he emerged with his face having aged decades in mere moments. (13.06.2020) . Many have speculated that the castles chapel was specifically built directly over the mysterious bottomless pit in order to seal the evil in and keep the demonic creatures from entering our world. It was as if the purpose of the castle wasn't to keep invaders out but rather to keep something trapped within. Houska Castle is generally known as the most haunted castle in all of Bohemia. Is a castle in the present-day Czech Republic guarding us against unimaginable evil? When the first person was lowered, he began screaming after a few seconds, and when pulled back to the surface, he looked as if he had aged 30 years. The castle's chapel was dedicated to Archangel Michael. Lake Dulyn in Snowdonia, North Wales was commonly regarded not that many decades ago as a dangerous bottomless hole where evil creatures would reach up from the abyss and engulf people. The cirque lake, formed by glaciers, is a popular tourist location. Within seconds, however, he cried to be raised up. Built in the latter half of the 13th century, it is thought to have been constructed on the orders of Ottakar II, known as the Iron and Golden King. Some notable features of the castle include a predominantly Gothic chapel, green chamber with late-Gothic paintings, and a knight's drawing room. There are many legends around this Flagstaff pit and it was once somewhat of a tourist attraction.