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Harry decides to learn from Sirius the summer after he meets him and learns everything about magic and Animagi. Story: Theres nothing like a good Harry Potter lemon fanfiction to get the heart racing, and this one is no exception! He offered me a positionas a Death Eater, he croaked through a suddenly dry throat. One-shots asked the man who answered the door. And maybe, just maybe, he can save his students from the pressures of war. Continue with Recommended Cookies. Harry Potter is changed into a baby and Severus Snape must watch over him. Little did he know, it was mentally causing him to age backwards till he was two in his mind. A muggleborn who knows nothing of the world she has yet to discover. Inspired by March 2023 Microfic Prompt List on Tumblr by @jilymicrofics. Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings. He groaned and began to cry. And, in return, maybe James will manage to convince Regulus that love isnt something you earn, something that always has a catch. All was quiet. Harry Potter was raised by his mother, Lily Evans, and is well-versed in magic and the complicated world they exist in. But something makes him feel empty.Meet a Muggle app that lets you earn money by sharing pictures of yourself. Harry whimpered his response. Killing Voldy Shorts and letting the four have a great life, would be worth all our lives. The fact that "He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named" killed his father and grandfather pushes him to become the greatest wizard alive. Une prophtie existe-t-elle si personne ne la connat ? Harry Potter lemon fanfiction refers to fan-written stories that have explicit, steamy scenes involving the characters from the Harry Potter universe. It's basically harry being raised by different people. Harry closed his eyes and felt himself falling back asleep. Harry clutched daddy's shirt and held on as tight as he could. Then, suddenly, I believe, all eyes snapped to Dumbledore, whose own were twinkling once again, we can use this to our advantage.. "Alright, I will see you later. When Harry starts having nightmares about Peter Pettigrew, Neville proposes a solution to the problem that doesn't involve a silencing charm. Because he still lost her. A place for all of the smutty one-shots featuring many girls from the HP verse. Riddle hadn't gotten what he wanted. I Don't Do Sides || OC x Newt Scamander Per chi, come me, pensa che tutti i bambini meritino di essere amati per quello che sono. Latest new chapter posted on 3/2/2023 features Luna Lovegood and Chiara Lobosca. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Cration d'une ville de rfugis ct de l'Acadmie, Alternate universe - Voldemort doesn't exist, no im seriously so sorry for mistakes i'll try and catch them, no beta we die like harry does in the books, Sirius Black and Remus Lupin Raise Harry Potter, Tom Riddle | Voldemort Adopts Harry Potter. This time though she's gotten a little more than she thought was possible. All characters are owned by their respective owners. Anhelando una atencin distinta a ser El Nio Que Vivi, Harry se incursiona en el rubro del trabajo sexual online. And he had certainly never hated Harry Potter. Oftentimes, fanfiction is where authors can explore side characters or couples that they enjoy writing about, and it can open up doors that are normally closed in canon to reveal new tales which you would otherwise not get to read. Daddy asked kindly. Villains. "Albus Dumbledore believes he knows everything, and that his will is absolute. And because I know there would be nobody else to support you, now leave and never come back!" harry potter fanfiction harry treated like a baby lemon. The death eater walked away to work on his potion that would temporarily cause Harry's body to look like a baby's. Being a widow and celibate for over twenty years just wasn't realistic, that was why he'd urged her to start dating again, even if she never wanted to replace his father. An orphan who remembers a life of blood and pain. #potion An unusual power will allow him to heal himself, help others, and grow strong in a world of magic. And drowning, too, considering the fact that he survived the cave in 1979 and faked his death for two years, popping in to give Sirius the fright of his life on Halloween. It's cheesy, it's fluff, it's the Potters before the tragedy. The Potter Coven 9. Is she successful? Because, in his experience, to love, is to lose. But war can change a lot in a short amount of time. Please consider turning it on! He then squeezed his nose and waited for Harry to swallow. "Severus, I knew you were still alive. Snape won't give Umbridge anymore Veritaserum. Except from the fact Regulus Black is a movie star, he's still just really Sirius' little famous brother. Three witches, destined for greatness. The knowledge that Lord Voldemort is alive propels Harry to greatness as Slytherin House awakens the strategist inside him. Some of our partners may process your data as a part of their legitimate business interest without asking for consent. Trois petits amis : Harry avec Neville puis Ron ! This work could have adult content. What he doesn't know is that his old nemesis will be his biggest fan. Intellectually, Harry Potter knew his mother was a sexual being with needs and desires of her own. and see a basket with a baby in it. "Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," Daddy said as he rocked Harry a bit. With Two Valentines, you can experience a steamy, romantic adventure that will leave you breathless. He will take it upon himself to replace his dad and fulfil his mum's carnal needs. Harry squealed. Please consider turning it on! And a do over. Also, have you considered taking Harry to see Poppy one more time?" Daddy doesn't want Harry to be sick, he wants his baby to feel better," Daddy whispered. Dumbledore rises gracefully from his seat at the head of the table. Sunlight was coming in through his window. He couldn't ask for a better group of people to be surrounded by. Youre next.. Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, No Archive Warnings Apply, Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death, Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Underage, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings (97), Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Rick Riordan (2), Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (Movies) (2), A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin (1), Sirius Black & Remus Lupin & Peter Pettigrew & James Potter (9), Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence (42), im sorry i love her but it had to be done, First Wizarding War with Voldemort (Harry Potter), Peter Pettigrew Betrays James Potter and Lily Evans Potter, its basically all canon compliant until halloween 1981, but reg is in love with james from the get-go, this sounds so miserable but i promise it will be happy ok, sirius and reg having a GOOD relationship, lets say theres communication about everything BUT their feelings, Sirius Black & Remus Lupin & Peter Pettigrew & James Potter, Harry Potter & James Potter & Lily Evans Potter, Sirius Black & Remus Lupin & Harry Potter & James Potter & Lily Evans Potter, Euphemia Potter & Fleamont Potter & James Potter, Severitus | Severus Snape is Harry Potter's Parent, Lily Evans Potter & Severus Snape Friendship, Pre-Second Wizarding War With Voldemort (Harry Potter), Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Before any of the events of the Guardians of the galaxy movies, Harry grows up with the original Ravager team, A lot of the hp characters don't come on until later, Minerva McGonagall & Severus Snape Friendship, Pre-Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, Not Canon Compliant - Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, The Risks We Take || A Marauders Era Fanfiction, Peter Pettigrew/Original Female Character(s), Sirius Black/Original Female Character(s), Mary Macdonald (Harry Potter)/Original Male Character(s), Marlene McKinnon/Original Female Character(s), Original Muggle-born Characters (Harry Potter), Mulciber Jr. | Severus Snape's Schoolmate, the marauders before and after it all went wrong, The First Wizarding War: What Is And What Should Never Be, The Potters actually reach out to McGonagall, Remus trying his best not to get baby trapped, tags will update as we go to avoid spoilers, Harry Potter was Raised by Remus Lupin and Sirius Black, Draco Malfoy is Clueless About Muggle Things, N.E.W.T.s | Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Tests, Harry Potter Epilogue What Epilogue | EWE, Acadmie Internationale de Magie TRADUCTION. When Harry takes his worries home with him, Tom gives Harrys self-esteem a much needed boost. He had what Severus called "milk coma". In Prisoner of Azkaban, Harry leaves the school year with a jaunty warning about his serial killer godfather to the Dursleys. Silent tears were slowly dripping down his face. What will happen when Muggle wisdom, innovation and magic come together? Daddy closed his eyes. Work Search: This AU will eventually become a complete rewrite of canon in consideration of what happens when Harry grows up in a loving household while also being susceptible to Voldemort since he isn't living with blood relatives. or: the first and the last time Hagrid held Harriet in his arms. Competitiveness and Anger, two troublesome emotions made Lily Potter take a step too far into the path of immorality. "What on Earth do you think you're doing?" Powerful SI into Harry Potter during the Dumbledore vs Voldemort battle in the ministry atrium. #harrypotter Heroes In a matter of seconds, Remus' whole life has been flipped on its head, but he's determined to help; to show just how much he cares about his best friends. The story starts at the fateful night and goes on from there. And a do over. Harry continued to cry and wipe his nose on daddy's shirt. In it, Millicent attempts to seduce and murder the Boy-Who-Won himself, Harry Potter. Alternate Universe, possible universe/dimension traveling in the future. They have a lot of chemistry and are great together. Regulus is a clay doll, hollow on the inside. "Please stay asleep," Daddy begged softly as he went back to his welcoming bed. It's hard to take life seriously or have patience when you have the body of a preteen, the mind of a man murdered just as he left boyhood, and dying yet again only sets you back a few hours. AVVERTENZE:- In questa storia Harry e Draco sono fratelli, non hanno una relazione di tipo "romantico"- I personaggi sono molto OOC.- La time-line modificata. Harry whimpered at the feeling of the apparation, it made him sick to his stomach. He is chosen to be the first gamer of the multiverse. "We will not bow to anyone! Professor of ancient magic runes. tip: "sherlock (tv)" m/m NOT "sherlock holmes/john watson". Harry Potter deserves a good childhood, one without people fawning over him and one without fame, but also without suffering. Harry fucks his mother around the house and James is totally okay with it.That's the entire story. "Is, is she gonna give Harry a shot?" But what if none of this ever happened? Lemons harry potter fanfiction harry treated like a baby lemon. OR Long fic following the Marauders (Remus, Sirius, James and Peter) through their time at Hogwarts and experiences during and after the First Wizarding War. LIBRO DEDICADO A : AMELIA ROBLESSin ella esta historia no sera posible. The Hottest Jack-o-Lantern Conclusion Did You Know? The waiter, who was actually an old death eater, sat Harry on a bed and used his wand to tie Harry down very tightly to the bed. He should be thankful that Harry isn't crueler. This work could have adult content. Harry woke up and blinked. My Hero Academia He was losing his ability to talk, and fast. Meanwhile, he's trying to patch things up with his brother, reconnect with an old flame, and figure out how to deal with all these children. But Tom has never been one to adhere to expectations, and this date is no exception. The Gray Side of the Force, sick of dealing with the Light and Dark's squabbles and never ending game of who is better at the detriment of the luminous beings that try to follow their ever changing wills, finds four people who are absolutely not part of their universe and sees a way to end their siblings stupid fight, or at least kark it up enough they can't do their normal shenanigans and give them a much needed break.The four, a bunch of humans called Harry, Agatha, Sakura and Shepard are all too glad to get out of the boring and endless white afterlife they are trapped in and agree. "I was also thinking that I would take you to see Madame Pomfrey to help you get better," Daddy added. Harry woke up and blinked. Harry made his strokes long and sure, but he had to speed up when Severus started moaning. A baby bottle filled with milk floated in the air and Bellatrix lay her wand, along with Harry's that she had procured during the battle when she had grabbed him, on her nightstand. Aren't you cute? If you proceed you have agreed that you are willing to see such content. Harry layon his back, his chest rising and falling. champagne poached oysters las vegas fury family gypsy peaky blinders fury family gypsy peaky blinders ADOPTED BY IGYMNAST He was losing his ability to talk, and fast. #potion Soon after rescuing his 7yearold son, Harry, from the abusive Dursleys, Snape starts his teaching career at Hogwarts.Harry finds more ways to surprise his father, and a school full of students. If you log in you can store your preference and never be asked again. None of the participants can die as long as the corresponding two still live. This is a work in progress and tags will be updated accordingly. Star Wars Additional Warnings: Some sexual Age play. Get ready to lose yourself in the world of magic and love! Warn:violence,chld abse. He asked Harry as he made eye contact. Daddy opened the door and walked over to the crib, his eyes full of compassion. Then I came up with a potion that would temporarily change his physical appearance to make him look like a two-year-old version of himself. #baby We will not be ordered by anyone! He then brought Harry to the hospital wing. Romione is one of the most popular ships in the Harry Potter fandom!, JK Rowling once said that she thought that Harry and Hermione were a better fit!, In the movie, Rupert Grint did not want to kiss Emma Watson because he sees her like a sister!, JK Rowling does not mind fanfiction being written but she does not like stories with Lemons!. Dumbledore decides that it would be mighty useful to have a spy with a link to the other side. He dumped the potion into Harry's mouth and forced Harry's mouth shut. With the objective to protect the people he loves the most. Nobody said anything for the next few minutes, too stunned by the revelation to speak. James Potter has a perfect life, friends, family, and love. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. While dominating every female that comes across him. Neither of them are thrilled with this arrangement, but Snape is determined to give Harry the stability and guidance he needs to work through his past and teach him everything he needs to learn to be a great wizard. When Hermione stumbles across a James Potter she cant resist, all bets are off. After a terrible war has nearly destroyed the world, Harry Potter is visited by three goddesses and warned the the daemons that destroyed the world he knew could travel back in time. Game of Thrones The death eater came in through the doorway and dumped Harry on the ground. Severus was spread out underneath him, sweaty and flushed and slightly smaller than himself. Minerva asked. A Slytherin Harry learns secrets about the potter family line as he understands the real power that could take down the Dark Lord. shooting in worcester, ma 2021 two electric meters, one property nz harry potter fanfiction harry treated like a baby lemon. Harry Potter is so popular around the world that there have literally been thousands of fanfictions written about the characters covering all sorts of genres such as horror, adventure, and romance. Insert Harry, a mother con, who worships the very ground his mum walks on. James Potter has a perfect life, friends, family, and love. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. And I've been meaning to tell youI think your house is hauntedYour dad is always mad and that must be whyAnd I think you should come live withMe and we can be piratesThen you won't have to cryOr hide in the closetAnd just like a folk songOur love will be passed on, (Gilmore girls au with the main idea, but there will be a lot of differences and different plot lines). A novella of five to six chapters, will contain mild CP. Grey Harry/Huge Harem. His birth had been a joyous occasion as the Malfoy's personal healer had told them that they would not be able to have children after the birth of their first child Draco Lucius Malfoy due to Lucius being infertile. Invoke 4. ". The knocking I went downstairs and open the door. Daddy asked softly. Even his brood realizes this and decides to do something. But war can change a lot in a short amount of time. Harry is reborn and has to share his body with his younger self. Albus is an ass, not telling everything. "Does your tummy feel any better?" Journey alongside Hermione as she discovers the true meaning of love. Harry cried out with worry. Modern Magic AU in which James Potter has a Quidditch accident and has no memory of the last seven years- or who he spent it with. They were together for 17 years before they got married, so it can be assumed that they were deeply in love throughout all of those years. tip: austen words:10000-50000 sort:title. Regulus didn't die in a cave three years ago and he's decided to make it everyone else's problem. Leaving a child to be neglected and hated for his entire childhood on purpose is pushing me too far. And, in return, maybe James will manage to convince Regulus that love isnt something you earn, something that always has a catch. He downed the second one and unlatched himself from the bottle, pushing it away gently. Ted Dirlod is dangerous, Harry Potter knows this for a fact, but the man was still his only hope at escaping a doomed fate. There was light breathing, but not much else. "Why didn't you cry for daddy?" Daddy waited till Harry fell back asleep and tucked him back in. Lying over the child's small tummy was an envelope and it did not take long for his sleep-addled mind to realise this child was abandoned, but how had the mother got the child inside the bureau? But what if none of this ever happened? Harry Potter has always had to be more adult than he really is. In the summer of the year 1986, the Malfoy family was celebrating the first birthday of their second child Hadrian Severus Malfoy, in the Lestrange Manor. Minerva asked, her eyebrows raised. Lily Potter Lives! He finds himself battling his demons in the Leaky Cauldron when hes comforted by an old friend. Its okay, yehll be okay-Harriet Hagrid sobbed, holding her body in his shaking arms, Yehre okay, yehll be okay now. But there's still one debt Harry has to pay. Manage Settings Truthfully, Harry liked the attention and the thought that Lucius put into buying him things. Hermione really loves Ron. What they don't know is that Regulus Black doesn't feel like a celebrity. A chance encounter in a London pub leads to a whirlwind romance between recent Hogwarts graduate Harry Potter and the famous artist Tom Riddle, who paints under the name Lord Voldemort. Cross posted on Harry's cries quieted. Dumbledore suggests that, perhaps, a different Harry will do? Soon his family is in danger, and James's life comes crashing down. "It's Harry, again," Daddy added. Daddy opened the door and walked over to the crib, his eyes full of compassion. Having been sheltered from the Wizarding World and other people his whole life, he is thrown into a society in the middle of a war. But all is not sugarplums and roses in the dark lords life, as he has to balance fatherhood, Harrys friends, a pushy Nagini, a faux finac, a nude best friend who is constantly predicting his death, and Sirius Black of all things. At this the rooms stills. One at the Potters, one at the Longbottoms. Constant Change Figures 6. Luckily, Regulus Black knows quite a lot about loving and losing. The good news: he's not expelled from Hogwarts. Severus had always believed that romance wasnt for him. Lemon fanfiction is usually written in the third person but can be written in the first person. Harry fought and screamed and kicked, but it was no use. Harry felt his body relax with relief, his heart, and head both still pounding. Harry Potter was in love with Ginny Weasley. Additional Warnings: Some sexual Age play. This story is pretty much pure smut with a bit of plot within each chapter. Shh, Hagrid said, rocking the tiny girl in his gigantic arms. It is never wise to blackmail a crime lord. Snape'll have his hands full. It's weird how fun it is to pester Voldemort of all people. However, nothing goes as it should, and life has strange ways to mess with you. He reached down and picked Harry up. After all, he despised your father," the death eater said. Story: Step into the dark with Constant Change Figures, a hot and steamy one-shot Harry Potter lemon fanfiction. Little (and big) moments in the life of James and Lily, starting with a pregnancy announcement and going forward. Hope you enjoy! 9 Best Harry Potter Lemon Fanfictions 1. Knowing something and seeing it are two incredibly different things. Gracias a una publicidad conoce Only Fans, una aplicacin Muggle que le permite ganar dinero compartiendo imgenes erticas de s mismo.Anhelando una atencin distinta a ser El Nio Que Vivi, Harry se incursiona en el rubro del trabajo sexual online.Lo que no sabe, es que su antiguo nmesis Draco Malfoy ser su mayor fantico. The death eater walked up to the darkest and scariest house on the block. The difference in the fate of this story, the Potters werent killed on that Halloween night, in fact, they were very much alive. Severus groaned and got up. Harry looked up at him before shrinking back down. If you accept cookies from our site and you choose "Proceed", you will not be asked again during this session (that is, until you close your browser). In the final battle against Voldemort, Harry chose not to go back. We and our partners use data for Personalised ads and content, ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development. Spat Weasley. pathfinder: kingmaker hour of rage challenge armag . Pregnant Sex. Harry's Baby (Harry POV) Knock. The bad news: that's because he looks totally different, and can't be sure anymore that he was ever Harry Potter in the first place. She answered almost immediately. Instead, Remus knees were already buckling. James is a womanizer who doesn't take proper care of his wife's needs. The gate was locked up tight. the Order - and the world - get a lot more than they bargained for when Sergeant Potter drops in. "Yes?" The consent submitted will only be used for data processing originating from this website. Harry started to squirm, trying to get out of her grasp, but found he couldn't move much. By just_mel_f. Who the hell I sit up. However, Voldemort hides a dark secret: he seduces young, attractive wizards and witches into modeling for portraits. Harry shrugged. Everyone is 20 or older. Stopping Voldemort would've been the main priority for any person reincarnated as Harry Potter, but why limit the ambitions to the dark tosser? If you proceed you have agreed that you are willing to see such content. Now, don't you wonder why I'm doing this?" Harry Potter is involved in a potions accident which ends up with him de-aging to a foetus and implanting in the womb of Severus Snape, who is a bearer. Cover picture. But what if none of this ever happened? Please consider turning it on! He got it in the first interview.Mr. As if that wasn't enough to rattle Remus, the late arrival of an aloof, headstrong godfather once again shakes up Remus' entire world. The shattered remnants of people that the war left behind. harry potter fanfiction harry treated like a baby lemon Menu obsolete parts warehouse. But he tries not to think about it. Its snowing on Christmas day, isnt this a sign?orThe Marauders celebrate Christmas together. (Harry/harem-multi). Severus opened his eyes. Harry Potter and the Head Girl 7. Work Search: One year on from Halloween 1981, James is struggling to raise Harry alone whilst drowning in an impenetrable dark sea of grief, determined to never love again. Because he still lost her. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. A Harry Potter raised by his mother, aunts and grandmother grows up knowing about magic and his heritage. Chaos ensures. Lucius Malfoy/Narcissa Black Malfoy/Severus Snape, Sirius Black/Lucius Malfoy/Narcissa Black Malfoy, My foriegn foreign language to English translations, Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty / Da 27: Hbridos, || My Bofriend is a Monster || Octubre Monster Fuck, /Only Fans & The Secret of Harry Potter | Draco Sugar Daddy, Harry Potter/Tom Riddle Sr. | Tom Marvolo Riddle's Father, Tom Riddle Sr. | Tom Marvolo Riddle's Father. He has to be forced to see that or else he won't accept it. But inside Regulus is just an introvert, with a small obsession with theatre and an insane coffee addiction. In which Harry predicts a totally over-the-top, extravagant first date. Death decides to give his favorite a fresh start instead and sends him to a galaxy far, far away. After Harry's escape from the Dursleys the summer he turns thirteen, he has a powerful bout of accidental magic. It was time for the first part. "Harry, I wasn't exactly asking." Harry/Multi. But there's still one debt Harry has to pay. He hoped that this was going to get better soon. Please consider turning it on! Baby Harry is finding it difficult to sleep, until Lily resolves to use some wonderful muggle methods. He groaned and began to cry. If you accept cookies from our site and you choose "Proceed", you will not be asked again during this session (that is, until you close your browser). The young Potter family enjoy an early Winter evening in the lounge room of their cottage in Godric's Hollow. Severus stood up. Daddy sighed. "Oh, he is just so cute!" What happens next might be more than he ever could have imagined. It felt like only for a few minutes, but before long he woke up to Harry sobbing. One shot creado para el da 27 del Octubre Monster Fuck. Daddy bent over and picked Harry up. His aunt and uncle being abusive to him, then finding out he was a famous wizard at the mere age of 11 Going on to fight for good He never really had much of a childhood, until one person decides to throw everything aside to give him what he needs most. Sirius Black was eighteen years old when he ran away, bringing his seven year old brother Regulus with him. Somewhere in the countryside of Italy, another man lives. All intertwined by fate, who refuses to let any of them go. The knowledge that Lord Voldemort is alive propels Harry to greatness as Slytherin House awakens the strategist inside him. "It's okay, you're okay," daddy murmured. Being a danger to everyone around him, he bore no grudge for being sent away to live with the Dursleys. Harry panted a few times as daddy picked him up and cradled him close. So, what happens when Harry catches his dad red-handed in the act? Severus left the room and left the door cracked. PS2. Posted by: Category: Sem categoria . We will be chaos in an ordered world! After the war, Draco was acquitted for most of his crimes, and is released on house arrest under the care of an appointed guardian.